All auditions take place at the Little Theatre unless otherwise posted. Pensacola Little Theatre is YOUR community theatre, and auditions are open to EVERYONE. No experience is required. Reading the play is not required before an audition, although you can come by the main office and read a perusal copy of the play you are auditioning for. The perusal copy may not leave the building. Even if you have never been in a play before, don’t be shy about auditioning. During each season, we have roles of all sizes for adults, teens and children.

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All auditions are "cold-reads," unless otherwise noted, so you do not need to prepare a monologue or memorize anything in advance. Perusal copies of upcoming plays are available to read at the PLT Business Office during regular business hours.


Prepare 16 -24 bars (one verse and a chorus) of a song in musical theatre style (unless otherwise indicated). Bring sheet music or a CD and CD player for accompaniment. If you use an .mp3, you may plug into our speaker. Choose a song that enhances and shows off your singing skills - usually not a song from the play for which you are auditioning. You may also be asked to take part in movement or dance auditions, where the choreographer will ask you to learn a few steps.  Please no a capella auditions.

PLEASE NOTE: Audition dates are subject to change without notice. Call Kathy Holsworth, Artistic Director, at 850-432-2042 ext. 102 for more information.






Auditions: November 13th & November 14th, 2017 at 6:30 P.M.
Directed by Mario D Cieri    
Music Directed by Ginger Caro   Choreography by Michael Dennis
11 performances January 26-28, February 1-4, 8-11 (A Mainstage Production)
The following guidelines should help you prepare for your audition.
-Comfortable clothing...we'll be dressed comfortably, and so should you. Be ready to move and dance. Please come prepared in appropriate clothing for a general dance audition. Appropriate clothing includes closed-toe shoes, character shoes, jazz shoes, etc. and clothing that enables you a full range of movement.
-Knee pads, if you have them. The more advanced dance auditions will involve knee slides, etc. If you have extra pairs, please bring to them share.
-Please be prepared to present 1 minute of music (Approximately 24 bars) that suits your vocal range & similar to the style / time period of the production. Bring your sheet music, ready for the Music Director to read/follow easily. If bringing recorded accompaniment, please have it cued up. Do not be disappointed if you are cut off mid piece, as this is not a reflection on your talent.
-Your calendar or schedule, please note any and all conflicting dates and times with the rehearsal schedule. There will be two copies of a 'General Rehearsal Schedule' for your review.
This is a high energy production that does NOT stop and does NOT have blackouts; the only break is intermission. With the exception of Joseph, Narrator, and Jacob, everyone will have two roles - one as a Canaanite and one as an Egyptian. All singing roles require the ability to sing harmonies.  Ability to read music is not required but highly desired. While dance is integral to the show, proficient dance ability is not required for all roles. Please come have fun at the auditions and give it your best try. 

Joseph:  Tenor (Low A to High A).  Stage age/appearance: 18 to 40 
Joseph is the male lead. He needs to appear to mature over the course of the show approximately 10 years. He needs to be a strong singer and actor. Joseph will be shirtless for much of the production, and must be a like-able, enigmatic, sincere performer. Must be clean shaven. 

Jacob:  Baritone (Low A to Eb).  Stage age/appearance: 50+ 
Jacob is the father of Joseph and his 11 brothers. Jacob needs to be a good actor, who can sing and move reasonably well.  

Potiphar:  Baritone (Low OR D to B).  Stage age 40+ 
Potiphar is a wealthy, self-indulgent Egyptian man. He needs to be a strong actor as well as a good singer.  

Brothers:  Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Napthali, Issachar, Asher, Dan, Zebulon, Gad, Benjamin & Judah Stage ages/appearance: 16 to 30. High energy & very active. Singers/dancers/actors.  Must be willing to grow out or cut beard and hair.
Joseph's 11 brothers, who were born of different mothers, are jealous of Joseph and the fact that he is clearly their father's favorite son.  Need to be able to develop strong unique characters and sing harmony as well as able to portray wide range of performance styles. While they must an ensemble - essentially a role as a group - they each have their own different personalities and talents. 
Reuben: sings "One More Angel in Heaven" (Low B to High F) 
Judah: sings "Benjamin Calypso" (F to High F) 

Pharaoh:  Tenor/Baritone (Low B to High G#).  Stage age/appearance: 20s/30s for young version OR 40s/50s for elder version.  
Pharaoh is the leader of Egypt & a very self-important man. He sings an Elvis-style song, "Song of the King". He needs to be a strong singer & actor. Must have good dance/movement ability with good comic timing. Should be an outgoing, engaging entertainer, able to take the stage & connect with an audience. 

Butler:  Tenor (Low C to High G).  Stage age/appearance: 25+ 
Needs to be a good singer. The Butler is in prison with Joseph who correctly interprets his dream that he will be released and taken back into Pharaoh's household. It is the Butler who tells Pharaoh about Joseph and his ability with dreams.  

Baker:  Tenor (Low D to High G).  Stage age/appearance: 25+ 
Needs be a good singer.  One of Pharaoh's servants, the Baker is in prison with Joseph who correctly interprets his dreams and predicts that he will be put to death.   

Swings & Role doubling: Canaanites, Ishmaelites, Potiphar's henchmen, Prisoners, Egyptian guards. 

Narrator:   Lyric Soprano with extended mix/belt range. (Low F to High A).  Stage age/appearance: 20's to 40's 
A woman, not of the time or place of the action, The Narrator is a storyteller who is sharing a wonderful tale with the children, their families and the wider audience. She needs to be a strong singer who can draw the audience into the saga of Joseph and his brothers; a vibrant, energetic, charming performer& animated storyteller.  Movement/dance experience needed. 

Mrs Potiphar: Alto/Mezzo (Low D to A).  Stage age/appearance: 25+ 
Mrs. Potiphar is a self-indulgent woman, and thinks first and foremost about her own personal gratification. She needs to be a confident mover/dancer, who is comfortable moving in a seductive manner. She will also be a part of the women's chorus. 

Women (14):  Strong Altos, 2nd Sopranos and high 1st Sopranos 
Varying age, size, and ethnicity for the roles of wives, mothers, handmaidens, featured dancers, and chorus.  
Backup singers/dancers for a number of songs. Strong singers, need to be able to learn and hold harmonies.  Need to be able to develop strong characters and sing harmony as well as able to portray wide range of performance styles. 
1st SOPRANO:  Soloist for "One More Angel in Heaven" 

CHILDREN's ENSEMBLE:  (12)   Stage ages 9-12   Ability to sing harmonies desired 
The children - referred to as the 'Choir' in the script and music - add a unique sound to the overall show. While not singing in every song, they are involved in much of the show. 
We are working to make a very special and fun experience for everyone - audience, cast, and crew - and we would love to have you all come join us!