All auditions take place at the Little Theatre unless otherwise posted. Pensacola Little Theatre is YOUR community theatre, and auditions are open to EVERYONE. No experience is required. Reading the play is not required before an audition, although you can come to the main office and read a perusal copy of the play you are auditioning for. The perusal copy may not leave the building. Even if you have never been in a play before, don’t be shy about auditioning. During each season, we have roles of all sizes for adults, teens, and children.  We encourage performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, religious backgrounds, ages, and capabilities to audition.


All auditions are "cold-reads," unless otherwise noted, so you do not need to prepare a monologue or memorize anything in advance. Perusal copies of upcoming plays are available to read at the PLT Business Office during regular business hours.


Prepare 16 - 24 bars (one verse and a chorus) of a song in musical theatre style (unless otherwise indicated). Bring sheet music marked for accompaniment. If you use a .mp3, you may plug into our speaker, or bring your own (use karaoke or accompaniment tracks only). Choose a song that enhances and shows off your singing skills - usually not a song from the play for which you are auditioning. You may also be asked to take part in movement or dance auditions, where the choreographer will ask you to learn a few steps.  Please no a capella auditions.




RESEARCH.   Familiarity with any musical or play is mandatory. The stage version may be very different from the movie version. Study the stage version and make sure you understand what show you’re actually auditioning for. A good place to start is the publisher’s website (they are the company that licenses the show).  Search for other theatres that have produced the show, both professional and amateur.


REHEARSE.   Rehearse before you show up, even if it's just in the bathroom mirror. Come warmed up and ready to create.


ARRIVE EARLY.   Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to posted audition times fill out your audition forms. We will begin auditioning at the time published. Being early also gives you time to get the jitters out before seeing us.


DRESS TO IMPRESS.   During your audition, dress like it's a job interview. When it's time to dance, please wear attire comfortable enough to move in; however, keep in mind that we are looking at how you move so please don't wear anything over-sized. Ladies need to bring jazz shoes AND character shoes, men just need jazz shoes or sneakers. We know it’s Florida, but flip flops are never OK at an audition.  Your attire is the first thing we see before you even speak your name - make that first impression count!


BE HONEST.   If you are only willing to play certain roles, please note it on the audition form. If you have conflicts, please note them on the audition form. Should you want to edit your audition form during auditions, you will be allowed to simply by asking the team during a break or before you leave the building. Performers that add several conflicts or drop after not being honest on their audition form are no fun. Be fun.


FOCUS.   It's all about you. Focus on presenting yourself and your gift rather than worry about what the production staff is thinking. Also, don't worry about the other performers at the audition - they are just as nervous as you are. Relax and set yourself up for a good audition. Go for it!


FLEX YOUR MUSCLES.   Play to your OWN strengths and gifts. Google different productions of performers making the roles their own for inspiration. When you are singing, don't be afraid to sing alternate notes or rhythms here and there as long as you make us believe in it. This is your 90-second solo-concert and we are all ears.


KEEP GOING.   If your eyelash falls off, if your heels break, if you crack on a note or if you mess up a line or lyric...... just keep going. We have been in your shoes and know what auditioning feels like, but you can't start over during a real show. Let your gift shine through no matter what.


BE POLITE.   Your audition starts the minute you enter the building: smile, say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ always. Applaud and support others in the room.  Put your phone away and be attentive.  Please also watch what you say/post on social media before/during/after the audition.  Be authentic, be fun, be fabulous.


HAVE FUN.   SMILE and have fun with us! And if you aren't having fun, act. ;)


Want to save time? Fill out your audition form in advance.

Musical - Mainstage or Treehouse


Studio 400


PLEASE NOTE: Audition dates are subject to change without notice. Call Kathy Holsworth, Artistic Director, at 850-432-2042 ext. 102 for more information.


Please check out our FaceBook page for more details and upcoming audition info.



Directed by Brandi Lane and written by Stephen Lott. Produced in the M.C. Blanchard Courtroom as a part of our Studio400 Series.


We all know the story of Dracula and the legends of the great vampires, but what if that is just what they wanted us to think? This original comedy thriller goes to the heart of the matter. Dracula (A Real Pain in the Neck) is a comedic studio romp through the legend and fantasy of Dracula!


Audition Dates:
Monday, August 19 at 6:30 pm
Tuesday, August 20 at 6:30 pm


Performance Dates: October 4-12, 2019


Looking for:

Seward- 50's. Distinguished doctor, Mina's father. British accent.

Stoker- Patient in Dr. Seward's asylum. British accent.

Harker- 20's. Mina's fiancé and Dr. Seward's protege. Impressed with himself. British accent.

Renfield- Patient in an asylum. Must be able to switch between cockney and proper British.

Van Helsing- Late 50's. Powerful presence, world traveler and scientist. Dutch or German accent.

Mina- 20's. Dr. Seward's daughter and Harker's fiancee. Independent thinker, but conservative. British accent.

Lucy- 20's. Mina's cousin. Exudes sensuality, defies societal norms. British accent.

Max/Orderly/Doctor- Tall, dark. Romanian accent.

Peter- 30-50. Small man, somewhat nerdy looking. Yiddish accent.


All auditions are "cold-reads," unless otherwise noted, so you do not need to prepare a monologue or memorize anything in advance. Perusal copies of upcoming plays are available to read at the PLT Business Office during regular business hours.


Get ready for this whirlwind of casting, writing, directing, and performing, all done within 24 hours.

Actors show up Friday night to audition and the shows are cast. The writers then spend the night at Pensacola Little Theatre writing the plays before the directors and cast arrive in the morning. The final day is spent rehearsing, blocking, finding props, and finding motivation before the curtain rises at 7:30 PM.

Actors under the age of 18 will need parental permission to participate.

Auditions: September 6th at 7:30 PM
Performance: September 7th at 7:30 PM

Tickets are available online at and through the Box Office at 850-432-2042 or by visiting us on weekdays from 12 PM - 5 PM.

Additional audition dates (subject to change): 

  • October 28-29: Miracle on 34th Street, Directed by Mark Core-Noel.  Mainstage play.
  • November 11-12: Schoolhouse Rock LIVE!, Directed by Mario Cieri, Music Directed by Kathy Johansen.  Treehouse musical.
  • January 5-6, 2020: Short Attention Span Theatre, Directed by Christopher Holloway, Brandon Mayo, & Gavin Parmley.  6 one-act plays for Studio400.
  • February 3-4, 2020: Winnie-the-Pooh, Directed by Stephen Lott.  Treehouse play.
  • March 6, 7:30pm: 24 Hr Theatre
  • March 9-10: Other Desert Cities, Directed by Billy Buff.  Studio400 play.
  • March 23-24: Rock of Ages, Directed by Kathy Holsworth, Music Directed by Ginger Caro.  Mainstage musical.
  • April 27-28: Hand to God, Directed by Barbara Jacobs.  Studio400 play.
  • May 11-13:  Cinderella, Directed by Katelyn Geri, Music directed by Tina Buran.  Mainstage/Treehouse musical. (Season opener for 2020-2021)


Like us on FaceBook and check back here often. Call Kathy Holsworth, Artistic Director, at 850-432-2042 ext. 102 for more information.