All auditions take place at the Little Theatre unless otherwise posted. Pensacola Little Theatre is YOUR community theatre, and auditions are open to EVERYONE. No experience is required. Reading the play is not required before an audition, although you can come by the main office and read a perusal copy of the play you are auditioning for. The perusal copy may not leave the building. Even if you have never been in a play before, don’t be shy about auditioning. During each season, we have roles of all sizes for adults, teens and children.

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All auditions are "cold-reads," unless otherwise noted, so you do not need to prepare a monologue or memorize anything in advance. Perusal copies of upcoming plays are available to read at the PLT Business Office during regular business hours.


Prepare 16 -24 bars (one verse and a chorus) of a song in musical theatre style (unless otherwise indicated). Bring sheet music or a CD and CD player for accompaniment. If you use an .mp3, you may plug into our speaker. Choose a song that enhances and shows off your singing skills - usually not a song from the play for which you are auditioning. You may also be asked to take part in movement or dance auditions, where the choreographer will ask you to learn a few steps.  Please no a capella auditions.

PLEASE NOTE: Audition dates are subject to change without notice. Call Kathy Holsworth, Artistic Director, at 850-432-2042 ext. 102 for more information.



Auditions: February 12 & February 13, 2018 at 6:30 P.M.
Directed by Jennifer Godwin
8 performances April 6 - March 8, April 11 - April 15 (A Treehouse Production)

Josephine March -   Jo has a temper and a quick tongue, although she works hard to control both. She is a tomboy, and reacts with impatience to the many limitations placed on women and girls. She hates romance in her real life, and wants nothing more than to hold her family together. (late teens-early 20’s) 

Meg March -  The oldest March sister. Responsible and kind, Meg mothers her younger sisters. She has a small weakness for luxury and leisure, but the greater part of her is gentle, loving, and morally vigorous. (late teens-early 20’s)

Beth March -  The third March daughter. Beth is very quiet and very virtuous, and she does nothing but try to please others. She adores music and plays the piano very well.  (mid teens) 

Amy March -  The youngest March girl. Amy is an artist who adores visual beauty and has a weakness for pretty possessions. She is given to pouting, fits of temper, and vanity; but she does attempt to improve herself. (early - late teens) 

Laurie Laurence -  The rich boy who lives next door to the Marches. Laurie, whose real name is Theodore Laurence, becomes like a son and brother to the Marches. He is charming, clever, and has a good heart. (mid teens- early 20’s) 

John Brooke -   Mr. Brooke is poor but determined. Falls in love with Meg. (mid teens- early 20’s) 

Marmee -  The March girls’ mother. Marmee is the moral role model for her girls. She counsels them through all of their problems and works hard but happily while her husband is at war. (adult, 30 +)

Mr. March -  The March girls’ father and Marmee’s husband. He serves in the Union army as a chaplain. When he returns home, he continues acting as a minister to a nearby parish. (adult, 30+)

Frederick Bhaer -  A respected professor in Germany who becomes an impoverished language instructor in America. Mr. Bhaer lives in New York, where he meets Jo.  ( early-late 20’s) 

Aunt March -  A rich widow and one of the March girls’ aunts. Although crotchety and difficult, Aunt March loves her nieces and wants the best for them.  (adult, 30 +)



Auditions: March 19 & March 20, 2018 at 6:30 P.M.
Directed by Millie Fisher, Mnemosyne Heileman, and Sadie Hight
7 performances May 4 - May 6, May 10 - May 13 (A Studio 400 Production)

ONE WORD written by Constance H. Marse.  Directed by Millie Fisher.

  • A young couple learning the dance of relationships.  Every word counts.
    • Bradley - (20’s - 30’s) her husband.
    • Hope - (20’s - 30’s) his wife.

ORI AND ADDISON written by James C. Ferguson.  Directed by Millie Fisher.

  • The foibles of fatherhood.  May the Force be with them?
    • Ori – (20’s - 30’s) nervous new father-to-be
    • Addison – (20’s - 30’s), younger than Ori, but with kids already

SIMPLE PLEASURES written by Peter Snoad.  Directed by Mnemosyne Heileman.

  • A woman attempts to balance her base needs with the circus of everyday life. Supporting actors will operate puppets, but no prior experience necessary.
    • Rebecca – (20’s - 40’s)
    • Bill – (20’s - 40’s) her husband
    • Jerry – (20’s – 50’s), a neighbor
    • Delivery person

WE HAVE TO TELL JACOB written by George Smart.  Directed by Mnemosyne Heileman.

  • A surprising conversation between parents and their child. **This play deals with themes of homosexuality and societal stereotypes.
    • Alan – (30’s)
    • Elizabeth – (30’s)
    • Jacob – (10-14yrs)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY written by Philip J. Kaplan.  Directed by Sadie Hight.

  • Noah’s parents try to get him out of the nest in the most unique and gruesome ways.
    • Noah – 25
    • Sam – his father
    • Marge – his mother

MAKE-A-MATCH written by Constance H. Marse.  Directed by Sadie Hight.

  • Harriet and Lucy sign up for online dating, but Harriet’s granddaughter is having none of it.
    • Harriet – (late 50’s) a widow
    • Lucy – (60+) her friend and neighbor
    • Hayley – (early 20’s) Harriet’s granddaughter
    • Harry Princeton – (50’s – 70’s) attractive new neighbor


Auditions: April 23 & April 24, 2018 at 6:30 P.M.
Directed by Carla Rhodes
7 performances June 8 - June 10, June 14 - June 17 (A Mainstage Production)
Auditions will include cold readings from the script which will be available at the PLT office.  We are looking to fill the following roles:
Principle roles:
Oscar Madison(male, 30's-50's)- a care-free, divorced sportswriter who lives in a messy 8 room New York apartment and loves having a good time and cigars.
Felix Unger(male, 30's-50's)- a fussy, uptight friend of Oscar's who is distraught over his impending divorce. The polar-opposite of Oscar.

Supporting roles:
Gwendolyn & Cecily Pigeon(females, 30's-50's)- Oscar's British upstairs neighbors- the former is a widow, the latter is a divorcee. They are fun and upbeat.  Requires a British accents!
Murray(male, 30-60's)- a NYPD policeman and poker buddy of Oscar & Felix. He is careful, caring  & always tries to do the right thing.
Speed(male or female, 30's-60's)- a sarcastic, gruff & quick-witted poker buddy.
Vinnie(male, 30's-60's)- a mild-mannered, hen-pecked man who is often the target of Speed's verbal barbs.
Roy(30's-60's)- Oscar's dry-witted but kind accountant.