Fall 2018 Classes 


Pensacola Little Theatre takes pride in offering a wide selection of educational opportunities,

available to people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.



Small Children (3-7)

1. Broadway Babies

7-week course

Every actor starts somewhere and for our smallest actors, this is the class! Designed to provide small children with a creative outlet, Broadway Babies seeks to instil children with acting fundamentals (listening, following directions, focus) and develop cooperative “play” that will allow them to become solid performers later in life.  This class is repeatable up to age 7.

No experience required.   

Instructor: Kayla May

Young Children (8 – 12)

1. Introduction to Acting for Kids

12-week course

A revamped version of our “So Dramatic” class this one is for our younger students aged 8 to 11.  With a focus on collaboration and teamwork, students will be introduced to the basics of acting for the stage. Students will perform in a short recital at the end of the semester. This class is repeatable up to age 12. No previous acting experience required.

Instructor: Jay Bixler

2. Introduction to Improv for Kids

12-week course

This class is the ultimate beginner’s introduction to the art of improvising and is specifically geared towards younger students. The perfect way to build confidence, boost creativity, and provide the foundation for a unique (and fun!) theatrical style, this course will focus on the basic rules of improvisation, using games and exercises to build skills in an exciting and expressive environment. This class is repeatable up to age 12. No previous experience required.

Instructor: Christina Cusack

3. Shakespeare for kids

Its never to early to discover Shakespeare! Taught by South Eastern Teen Shakespeare Company's (SETSCO) very own Michelle Hancock, this class will introduce your child to the wonders of the language and plays of William Shakespeare.

12-week course

Instructor: Michelle Hancock

Teenagers/Young Adult (12 – 17)

1. Acting I for Teens

12-week course

Acting for Teens is a great learning opportunity for fledgeling young actors and experienced performers, alike. With a cap of 8 students per section, students will receive individual attention and acting instruction from PLT's Director of Education. Some of the subjects covered include the origins of the modern theatre, introduction to different techniques and approaches for acting for the stage. At the end of the semester, students will perform in a brief recital. This class is repeatable up to age 17. Instructor: Jay Bixler

2. Improv I for Teens

12-week course

This course deals with the fundamentals of improvisational performance. Students will have the opportunity during this course to study in depth the rules of improv, the various games improvers perform for audiences and the ways in which improv can be used as an approach to scripted acting. This class is repeatable up to age 17.

No previous experience required. Instructor: Jay Bixler

3. Lab Rats

13-week course

A Performance-based course, Lab Rats seeks to foster the skills developed in our improv classes and culminates each semester with a performance. This class is repeatable up to age 17.

Audition only.

Instructors: Christina Cusack

4. PLT Academy

14-week course

A performance-based course, Academy takes its students through the entire process of putting on a play. From dramaturgy to scene design, students work together to present a fully realized theatrical performance. 2-semester commitment required. This class is repeatable up to age 17. Audition only.

Instructor: Kayla May

Adult Acting Classes (18+)

1. Intro to Acting for Adults (Acting I)

10-week course

Our introductory "101" class for adults seeks to provide basic instruction in acting for the stage. No experience necessary, just bring an open mind! 

Instructor: Kyle Golden

2. Intermediate Acting for Adults (Acting II)

10-week course

An acting class for those with some experience on the stage, Intermediate Acting for Adults seeks to build on the skills of our intro class. If you have done a few shows and want to develop your acting experience further, this is the course for you.

Instructor: Kyle Golden

3. Advanced Acting for Adults (Acting III)

10-week course

Advanced Acting for Adults is a class for more experienced performers who need to brush up on their skills or explore new methods for acting on the stage. 

Instructor: Kyle Golden 


 PLT Education Director, Jay Bixler



PLT offers a 10% discount* for families with multiple children enrolling in classes


*Discount is automatically applied at registration.

Please Note: A $50 non-refundable fee will be charged for all class cancellations. Refunds will not be given after the class has begun.

 for questions, contact our Education Director:

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